Tailored Workshops

Conducted by experienced psychologists, our face-to-face training workshops empower workers and provide a deeper understanding of the principles underpinning Mindarma. Workshops can be conducted to inform leaders, support e-learning rollouts, or develop new skills across your organisation. Workshops can be tailored depending on the group size, the time available, and the specific issues facing your organisation. To discover more about our workshop training options

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Integrate Webinar Series

Get the most out of Mindarma! With our Integrate Webinar Series, you can maximise engagement, motivate learners and provide your team with added insights and support.

How it works:

  • All learners are encouraged to complete the online program over a 1 month challenge period
  • During the challenge period, 4 half hour webinars are delivered by an experienced senior psychologist
  • Learners discover about the science of resilience and gain insights about the skills they will learn in upcoming sessions
  • Each session includes time for a brief Q&A, allowing us to directly address issues relevant to your team
  • Participant numbers are not limited and webinar sessions may be recorded for convenient later access
  • Promotional materials can be provided to help raise awareness and support your challenge