Mindarma for Managers

Designed for managers, peer supporters and other mental health advocates, this 1-hour webinar will prepare leaders for a successful launch of Mindarma. Participants will discover how this evidence-based program can help protect the mental health of their teams and learn practical steps they can take to support ongoing engagement and learning. Each participant will also receive a range of resources, enabling them to easily promote participation and engagement.

What participants will learn

  • Discover the science of adaptive resilience and the mental health benefits of Mindarma
  • Gain insights about the psychological skills and strategies that the program develops
  • Discover how to support your team in completing the Mindarma online program
  • Learn simple tips to promote ongoing engagement and build healthy, resilient teams
  • Participate in a live Q&A to directly address issues most relevant to your workforce

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Integrate Webinar Series

Get the most out of Mindarma! With our Integrate Webinar Series, you can maximise engagement, motivate learners and provide your team with added insights and support.

How it works:

  • All learners are encouraged to complete the online program over a 1 month challenge period
  • During the challenge period, 4 half hour webinars are delivered by an experienced senior psychologist
  • Learners discover about the science of resilience and gain insights about the skills they will learn in upcoming sessions
  • Each session includes time for a brief Q&A, allowing us to directly address issues relevant to your team
  • Participant numbers are not limited and webinar sessions may be recorded for convenient later access
  • Promotional materials can be provided to help raise awareness and support your challenge