We make it simple to make a difference

We know there’s far too much suffering in the workplace and we’re determined to prevent it. That’s why we’ve poured a huge amount of time, energy, and expertise into creating something which can make a real difference.

Mindarma is a ten session e-learning program, designed to boost resilience and enhance mental wellbeing. It’s pro-active, practical and precisely adapted to meet the real needs of the business.

  • Effective
  • We use evidence based therapies to boost resilience
  • Affordable
  • Just a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs
  • Flexible
  • Online delivery for anywhere, anytime convenience
  • Engaging
  • Short, fun, interactive sessions, just 15-20 minutes long
  • Practical
  • Useful strategies with real life relevance
  • Fast
  • Quick, simple setup and rollout
  • Customisable
  • A range of options to suit your precise needs
  • Scalable
  • From microbusinesses to multinationals, we can help
  • Assured
  • Developed by leaders in workplace mental health

Mindfulness & More

During Mindarma learners discover all about mindfulness and develop skills to help them better manage difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and times of high stress. The program promotes healthy coping strategies, encourages help-seeking behaviour and allows learners to create a personal plan of action for all those tough days on the job.

Expert driven and evidence based

To create Mindarma we brought together leading experts, the latest research, and a great deal of real-world experience treating workplace mental health issues. To discover how to make an online program perform most effectively, we first created a pilot version and performed a Randomised Control Trial with Australian emergency service workers.

A proactive, preventative approach

Why wait until it’s too late? Mindarma is designed to help workers become more resilient, avoid preventable injuries, and gain wide-ranging mental health benefits. By taking a proactive approach, you can build a healthier workforce and dramatically cut costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, staff turnover, and workers’ compensation.

Ongoing learning and engagement

Building life-changing skills requires more than one-off training. Mindarma features 10 short interactive sessions, a regular newsletter and our Brain Food library, where learners can read articles, view videos, listen to podcasts and download guided mindfulness tracks. Learners gain added expert insights, with a series of special webinar events scheduled through the year.

Anywhere, Anytime Convenience

Mindarma offers the flexibility to fit around any work schedule. Each session takes around 15 minutes, allowing your employees to gain essential skills, without having to take time out for a workshop or sit through a long-winded seminar. Available on computers, tablets, or smartphones, workers can access the program when they’re on the job, on the road or in the privacy of their own homes.

Seriously Brilliant Side Effects

When you improve the mental health of employees you can also dramatically improve your bottom line. Recent research from PWC/Beyond Blue shows effective workplace mental health measures return $2.30 for every dollar spent. While that’s undoubtedly impressive, we’re working to deliver even greater returns.

Mindarma for Individuals & Small Businesses

We make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits. Get Mindarma now and start learning straight away.
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Mindarma for Large Organisations

Delivering training to large organisations is our specialty. We’ll work closely with you to create your customised Mindarma and roll it out across your workforce.

  • Make it your own – wide range of customisation options
  • Scaled pricing for affordable organisation-wide rollouts
  • Resilience measurement and research reporting
  • Face to face training to develop skills of key personnel
  • Personalised rollout support for seamless implementation

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Mindarma for Educators

Specifically developed for school teachers and principals, the Mindarma Education Edition is now available. To support educators, we are currently offering the program at 50% off. Click here to purchase online and enter the code EDUAU_50 at the checkout. To find out more Contact us now

Sneak Preview

Check out a few short clips from the program, try some mindfulness exercises, or explore recent webinars. Like to see more? Contact us about a demonstration or trial.