We admit it – we are a bunch of research nerds. That’s why we started by sifting through endless piles of research papers to discover what does and doesn’t work. Mindarma teaches mindfulness and a range of cognitive strategies linked to resilience. These strategies are drawn from psychological therapies with a solid evidence base in improving mental health.

Like most research nerds we like to be extremely thorough, so before building Mindarma we performed a meta-analysis and systematic review of the existing resilience research.

We then created an entire pilot program for Australian emergency service workers and ran a randomised control trial. Results from this successful trial showed the program produced significant improvements in resilience, as well as optimism, mindfulness, and the use of healthy coping strategies.

To support investment in mental health, we know the importance of reliable peer-reviewed research and quantitative results. We continue to evaluate the performance of Mindarma and provide our clients with regular reporting to help inform their decision making.

To discover more about our research, please contact us or get in touch with our fellow research nerds at the Black Dog Institute.

You may also wish to view this webinar in which Mindarma co-founder Dr Sadhbh Joyce discusses the research behind the program in a presentation to the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Council.