The Mindarma App is here for you!

The Mindarma App is here for you!

Download the Mindarma app today – it’s our gift to you!

With the Mindarma app you can easily access a wide range of guided mindfulness audio exercises, delivered by Dr Sadhbh Joyce. There’s plenty to discover, from short, simple practices, to those designed to support deep relaxation and sleep.

Want to enjoy real conversations about what really matters? Within the app, you can also check out the Mindarma podcast. Listen to remarkable stories of real-life resilience and gain expert insights on mental health.

Looking for a little inspiration? You will also come across a selection of images and quotes, with far more useful advice than you will find in your average fortune cookie!

This companion app is available to all registered learners of Mindarma and RAW Mind Coach. Get it free today on Google Play or from the App Store.

Please note, this is a companion app only and does not replace the Mindarma online learning program. To experience everything Mindarma has to offer be sure to log in at