Nourish you mind with Brain Food – Mindarma’s new continuous learning platform

Nourish you mind with Brain Food – Mindarma’s new continuous learning platform

Brain Food is the new expert-curated continuous learning platform from Mindarma. Freshly designed and filled with hundreds of helpful resources, it’s the perfect place to explore whenever you feel like a mental pick-me-up.

Brain Food accompanies Mindarma’s evidence-based e-learning program. The continuous learning platform enables learners to further develop skills, discover the latest research and gain expert insights.

“Accessing good information isn’t easy. Online searches present an overwhelming amount of information and even when you do find high quality research, it can be dry and difficult to decipher,” says Mindarma Principal Psychologist Dr Sadhbh Joyce. “In creating Brain Food, we wanted to distil the science into resources that are practical, accessible and fascinating to explore.”

Guided mindfulness audio tracks, delivered by Dr Joyce in her soothing Irish accent, are among the most popular resources within Mindarma’s Brain Food. The tracks range from short, simple exercises for beginners, to those specially created to support deep relaxation, reduce stress, promote self-compassion and manage difficult thoughts.

The platform also features articles, videos, book recommendations and hundreds of inspiring quotes. Those who want to take a deep dive into a subject can easily access the latest research or register for one of Mindarma’s popular webinar events.

Featuring experts from the Black Dog Institute and other world-renowned researchers, Mindarma’s webinars will this year tackle topics including sleep, exercise, nutrition, financial wellbeing and digital overload. Also available are psychologist-led skills sessions, to help learners develop their mindfulness practise and self-care routines, while enhancing psychological resilience.

Another area many will be eager to explore is the platform’s Indigenous Wisdom section. Developed following consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advisors, the section highlights Indigenous approaches to mental wellbeing, sharing the importance of community, Country and connection. The section will continue to grow as further content is co-created.

Celebrating the importance of our natural environment to our mental wellbeing, the design of Brain Food features striking aerial images of Australian landscapes. When exploring the content, learners will also discover vintage hand-drawn illustrations from natural history books.  The illustrations serve as a joyful reminder to approach the world with mindful curiosity and wonder.

As organisations take a fresh look at mental health, Mindarma’s Brain Food aims to provide the type of support workers actually want. “Many people we spoke to found wellbeing platforms horribly impersonal and corporate,” says Mindarma CEO, Jamie Watson. “Instead of gamification, analytics and irritating motivational messaging, what they really wanted was trusted home-grown content and a relatable, human approach. Brain Food delivers precisely that, and it is something we hope everyone will enjoy.”