Mindarma launches with NSW Health Pathology

Mindarma launches with NSW Health Pathology

Mindarma has commenced a rollout to NSW Health Pathology. The implementation of the online resilience training program will support 1000 workers who are playing a critical role in protecting our community from Covid-19.

One of our key goals in developing Mindarma (previously RAW Mind Coach) was to help those who help our community. Since our initial research conducted with Fire and Rescue NSW, the program has gone on to reach many thousands of essential workers, including those from NSW Ambulance, Ambulance Victoria, St John Ambulance Northern Territory and Corrective Services New South Wales.

When Covid-19 first hit, we knew there would be many workers who would be taking on large challenges and heavy workloads. We put a call out to health authorities to see how we could assist and were able to rapidly introduce the program across a number of local health districts.

NSW Health Pathology were also eager to support the many workers who have been stepping up in this difficult time. Through the dedication of staff, NSW Health Pathology has been able to respond rapidly to the pandemic and achieve testing rates which per capita are among the highest in the world. These urgent demands have come on top of other existing roles, including providing integrated care for patients, performing research and conducting forensic analysis to solve crimes.

An evidence-based program, Mindarma will teach NSW Health Pathology workers a range of skills and strategies they can use in times of high stress. The program incorporates a selection of guided mindfulness exercises, including ones specifically designed to aid in deep relaxation and sleep. As part of Mindarma, learners also develop a personal plan of action, to help them cope with particularly tough days on the job.

We would like to welcome all NSW Health Pathology workers to Mindarma. We hope that by completing Mindarma they will gain valuable insights and skills, which enable them to enjoy better mental wellbeing throughout these challenging times.