Discover Mindarma: the new version of RAW Mind Coach

Discover Mindarma: the new version of RAW Mind Coach

Today we are proud to officially release Mindarma, the freshly updated version of our award-winning online resilience training program RAW Mind Coach.

The launch of Mindarma comes at a time where many workplaces are making mental health a true priority. Since Covid-19 struck, we have been contacted by numerous organisations seeking practical ways to support their workers and equip them with the right skills.

It’s been a busy time! When planning the re-brand to Mindarma we certainly hadn’t planned upon a pandemic. This has meant that while working on all sorts of upgrades, we have also been working to cope with unprecedented demand and find ways to support those workers most affected by the pandemic.

In the past months we have managed to roll out the program to hundreds of frontline health workers and a multitude of organisations across the community sector. Customised versions of Mindarma have also been created for organisations including Services Australia and WorkSafe ACT – Access Canberra. In the coming days Mindarma will also be rolled out to NSW Health Pathology and over 7000 workers at Ambulance Victoria.

The first thing that many learners will notice when they log in to Mindarma is its fresh, nature inspired design. Perhaps it was a reaction to being in lock-down, but there was a definite desire to draw learners into natural landscapes that prompt a feeling of tranquillity and openness.

The new name seeks to succinctly capture who we are. We are about helping workers in tough environments, and providing a form of ‘mind armour’ to protect their mental health. For us, the name Mindarma also honours mindfulness, which is a core part of the program, and the concept of dharma, which is about supporting people to live a life of purpose.

While the name and design are new, the core content of the evidence-based program remains the same. Originally evaluated as part of a randomised control trial with Fire and Rescue NSW, the program has now been shown to boost psychological resilience for learners across a wide range of working environments.

Beginning as a PhD research project with UNSW and the Black Dog Institute, we are thrilled Mindarma is now supporting many thousands of workers worldwide. We continue to work closely with the Black Dog Institute, who play a valuable role in supporting translational research and connecting organisations with evidence-based solutions.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is that it has brought us into contact with so many people who share our values and care deeply about improving workplace mental health. We’d like to thank the many people who have passionately advocated for the program and worked to roll it out within their organisations.

We are also excited to be working on further additions to Mindarma. In the coming week we will be launching a new podcast, in which we connect with some of the inspiring people we have met during our journey. Our host, journalist Dean Yates will speak with guests regarding life, work and what can be done to support good mental health.