Your Brain in Nature

Support your mental wellbeing in the most natural way possible. Join our expert panel as we explore the growing science and remarkable benefits of bringing your brain back to nature.

Your Brain in Nature

Producer: Dr Sadhbh Joyce, Mindarma


  • Dr Paul Callaghan, Author, Founder/CEO, Callaghan Cultural Consultancy
  • Rachel Chesher, Regional Director for South West Region, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment and Science, Qld
  • Dr Sadhbh Joyce, Principal Psychologist and Meditation Teacher, Co-Founder of Mindarma and External Fellow at the Black Dog Institute, NSW



  • Tasman Cassim, Head of Partnerships, Black Dog Institute


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The views expressed in this webinar are solely that of the panellists and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mindarma or the Black Dog Institute.