Mindful May Series

Deepening your practise with self-compassion

Re-visit any of our live sessions from Mindful May via the recordings below.


Webinar #4 recording, from 29 May 2023

Webinar #3 recording, from 22 May 2023

Webinar #2 recording, from 15 May 2023

Webinar #1 recording, from 8 May 2023

The Self-Care Reset Plan Sadhbh refers to in Session #2 is available here:


Across four sessions, gain insights into:

– Empathic Distress Fatigue

– The neuroscience of Self-Compassion

– Mindful Self-Compassion practises

– The importance of proactive self-care

– Developing and honouring a regular practise

Each webinar includes a live experiential practise. All learners are welcome. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners of mindfulness. No previous experience required.

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