Caring for the Carer

Why nourishing your wellbeing is essential when supporting others

Join our expert panel as we explore the importance of self-care and wellbeing when caring for others.

How to look after yourself while supporting others

Producer: Dr Sadhbh Joyce, Mindarma

If you wish to dig a little deeper, here are some resources you may want to check out.

• Professor Jacki Schirmer, The University of Canberra, Leader of the WellRes unit, co-authored the Carers Wellbeing Survey Report for Carers Australia (ACT)
• Dean Yates, Author, Mindarma podcast host, veteran journalist with PTSD, Mental Health support person (TAS)
• Dr Sadhbh Joyce, Principal Psychologist and Meditation Teacher, Co-Founder of Mindarma and External Fellow at the Black Dog Institute, NSW

• Tasman Cassim, Head of Partnerships, Black Dog Institute

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The views expressed in this webinar are solely that of the panellists and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mindarma or the Black Dog Institute.