Introducing Mindarma Events

Introducing Mindarma Events

Planning events to promote better workplace mental health isn’t always simple. Where will you find the right presenters? Where will you find the budget? Where will you find the time to plan and promote it all?

With Mindarma Events your job just became a whole lot easier.

Genuine expertise
When it comes to mental health, it’s vital to put your workers in the safest hands. All Mindarma Events are facilitated by experienced senior psychologists. We teach evidence-based practises and bring your team the latest insights from the Black Dog Institute and other leading research authorities.

A price that fits any budget
Mindarma Events are completely free for all registered Mindarma learners! Join our Integrate Webinar Series, where your team can take part in a guided one-month challenge. Or discover more about mindfulness, self-care and other resilience-building practises, with special events throughout the year.

Planning and promotion made super simple
From gathering the guests to looking after the live-stream, we take care of it all. To help get your team involved, we can even provide you with a special event pack including posters, social media posts and other promotional items. All Mindarma Events are recorded to allow for later viewing.

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