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Protect against burnout and fatigue

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Pushing past your limits? Recognise the warning signs of burnout, discover vital self-care strategies and learn how to prioritise your wellbeing.

Wednesday 10 April 2024
Time: 10:30am – 11:00am (ACST)

Expert Speaker

Dr Peter Baldwin
Clinical Psychologist, Head of Policy Research and Senior Research Fellow, Black Dog Institute (NSW)

Peter is a Senior Research Fellow at Black Dog Institute, based in Melbourne. He currently leads to policy research team, which helps policymakers to embed the latest research into decisions about the mental health system.

Peter was previously the clinical and research lead for The Essential Network, a mental health hub established at Black Dog Institute to help health professionals navigate stress, burnout and other mental health challenges.

Peter also runs a clinical psychology practice and sits on the Interdisciplinary Clinical Advisory Group for the Victorian Department of Health.


Tasman Cassim
Head of Partnerships, Black Dog Institute

Tasman is passionate about bringing the For Purpose and For Profit sectors together to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. He spent 20 years in travel and events before putting purpose and doing good at the core of his career.


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Business Information



The Mental Health and Wellbeing Program is an initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and the South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023 - 2030.

Assoc. Professor Anya Johnson
Associate Professor, Head of Discipline in Work and Organisational Studies, and co-director of the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group, University of Sydney Business School

Anya’s research is in the area of Organisational Behaviour. Specifically, Anya investigates how employees regulate their emotions and cognitions in the workplace, and the relationship between the design of jobs and teams and outcomes such as engagement, well-being, mental ill-health and performance.

Anya is the recipient of multiple awards such as the 2021 Ray Ball Prize for Best paper, the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) 2020 Award for Innovation and Excellence in Research and the University of Sydney Business School Engaged Research Award (2017).

Assoc. Professor Helena Nguyen
Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies and co-director of the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group, University of Sydney Business School

Helena received her PhD and Masters of Organisational Psychology from School of Psychology, University of New South Wales.

Helena’s research interests focus on understanding how emotional and cognitive processes interact to influence employees’ well-being and performance at work. Helena’s research takes a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating research from the fields of psychology, management and organisational behaviour to better understand how individuals and groups think, feel and behave at work. Helena’s research aims to advance knowledge in this area by adopting a multimethod and multilevel approach.

Helena’s research has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal , Journal of Management, British Journal of Management and Journal of Service Research. Helena is also the recipient of multiple Australia Research Council grants.